To keep up with the constantly changing world of science and technology and to keep pace rapidly renewed, which is the easiest way to access information in a virtual world, meaning the e-journal magazine also brings a lot of advantages.

Business life just fit your time in the office but e-journal is not only limited work in office environments where the reach of the internet you can use it anywhere.

E-journal users can find it when you look back, thanks to flash memory can carry easily and with a laptop anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

At the same time, e journal, scientific developments in shared virtual environment where they can get answers users' questions by passing the scientific debate is also capable of creating an interactive format.

As a result the e journal is fast, easy and in any environment, accessibility, location not to retain, archive, and interactive property in the property that has taken place between the evolving trends of today.

  • Aytekin OTO
  • Huseyin OKUTAN
  • Tulga ULUS
  • Kanat ÖZIŞIK
  • Ali KUTSAL
  • Mete ALP
  • Mehmet BALKANAY
  • Harun TATAR
  • Enver DURAN
  • Munacettin CEVİZ
  • Hikmet KOÇAK

Target members of E Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine are cardiologist , cardiovascular surgeons, internal disease specialists and family practitioners.

E Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine is a unique platform that meets Industry and Healtcare professionals for essential exchange on the latest products and services available for improvement in patient care.

We are pleased to welcome the Industry and For more information about promotional and sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Ozgen Eris

Project Manager

+90 505 525 2772

Case Report:Uncommon Cause of Angina Pectoris, Vertigo and Syncope Attacks; Coronary Subclavian Steal Syndrome

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