Heart Attack


Heart attack occurs when the coronary that is feeding the heart are congested, and such a congestion leads to the death= infarct of the heart muscle area that it is feeding. That means, heart attack occurs only when there is stenosis in the veins feeding the heart, and that stenosis goes further to congest the wall of the vein to prevent the blood flow. Coronaries that are feeding the heart are congested by atherosclerosis disease.

Atherosclerosis is a disease where several risk factors come together. These risk factors are: smoking, high blood fat (cholesterol), high blood pressure (hyper tension), diabetes, genetic factors, A type personality, fatness, male type, menopause, age (above 40), and stress. First of all stenosis should occur in the coronary for the occurrence of heat attack. This may develop in years. Thirst, hot weather, slight stress or a heavy meal could even lead to the stenosis in the coronary and then the death of the heart muscle area which was fed by that coronary. This is called heart attack.

As a result, only the hot weather or stress does not cause a heart attack in a healthy person. 

Intervention to heart attack does not change depending on the seasons. Regardless of the season being summer or winter, it should be applied immediately and correctly. In the developed countries the standard intervention is calling the revitalizing experts who are in charge of such an intervention and applying the revitalizing procedure. This avoids the promiscuous practices around and their mistakes as well. In our country, calling the number 112 is a successful and effective example for this, yet needs to be improved and supported.

Hot weather in the summer is not a factor on its own to cause a heart attack, but is considered a factor like a serious stress factor on the patients with a little stenosis in the coronary. Therefore, exposure to hot weather facilitates heart attack on these patients.

The first symptom of the attack is an intense chest pain. Rest or lying down can be recommended when the pain in the chest is felt (the example is about going on walking after the chest pain). Without thinking about the reason of this chest pain, official medical services should be called (Not the nearest doctor).

As is understood from the examples above, diagnose and treatment should be applied not during the attack, but before the attack, during the disease and in cases when the risk factors increase. That is because the death rate is 20%-30% during the myocardium infarct =heart attack and till the patient arrives at the hospital, while it is 10%-20% after the patient arrives at the hospital. Totally the death rate as a result of the hearth attack is between 30% and 50% in the first 24 hours. The first figures here indicate the recent statistics, while the second figures are the old ones. That is why it is more important to prevent the occurrence of the heart attack. It is only possible if the patients with high risk factors come to the heart examination, do not escape and do not neglect the controls. In these scans, not only the electrocardiogram, but also the treadmill test should be applied. Sportsman should be applied a real examination and the treadmill test while approving their license. Heavy exercise does not lead heart attack in the healthy people. Only if there is a background of the disease, then it will occur.

Keeping a defibrillator at big hotels, airports, train stations, and on planes will facilitate the revitalization process of the patient with a stopped heart. Heart can stop in two ways. The first one is the stand still situation; the second one is fibril situation. When it is detected that the heart has stopped fibril, or if the heart is fibrillated by a strategy during the revitalization procedure, electric shock is given to the heart by a defibrillator, and the heart works with a regular rhythm. 

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